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Qingdao——Be Responsible and Diligent, and Embark on a New Journey

Sep 25, 2021Byiqingdao

Solidly carry out the theme of education

The majority of party members and cadres should keep faith, cheer their spirits up and stabilize their thought

Only remember our original intention can we travel steadily and far, and Only remember our mission can we create the future.

In 2021, Qingdao will hold a mobilization meeting on party history study and education, and make preparations for the city's party history study and education. Under the guidance by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, all party members and cadres across the city are revisiting the magnificent epic of a century of struggle and continuing to write a new chapter of history.

Strengthening the guidance of party building to put it in place
Extensive promote 'three statements in theory, policy and model' to enhance the way of thinking, behavior and work of cadres

Facing with all the problems in economic and social development, we must think of ways and measures from the root of the party construction.

Since the early of this year, the city's party organizations at all levels have held more than 90,000 meetings of 'three statements in theory, policy and model'. By carrying out such meetings, a self-revolution in a way of thinking, behavior, work was the city set off in the city. As following, a series of new policies, new ideas also came out.

The most important significance of Party building to lead the overall situation for Qingdao is to make it as a guide for planning work and strengthen the overall leadership of economic and social development. Therefore, it can promote the operation of the work loop and test the effectiveness of Party building with high-quality economic and social development.

The 'key minority' is able to enhance the ability to increase efficiency
Continue to carry out physical awareness training and forge open administrative cadres with marketization, legalization and professionalism

To make a city alive need to revitalize the key people firstly, especially as the leading cadres of the key minority.
Standing in the key period of Qingdao's reform and development, we must cultivate the open administrative cadres with marketization, legalization and professionalism.

More and more excellent young cadres who are passionate, bloodthirsty, and dare to think and do will enable to make the city alive. In order to build an open and inclusive cadre work pattern, Qingdao insists that choose the best talents. So the city breaks the rules and regulations and selects and nurtures talents without any restriction.

Select and use the extraordinary people
A group of pragmatic and hardworking cadres play the role of 'commando' and 'force' in rural revitalization and helping enterprises and benefiting them

The basic requirements and ardent expectations of the party as well as the people for party cadres in the new era is that dare to take charge and act.

Our city witnessed the rapid economic and social development and the rapid progress of various undertakings. All those are relying on party members and cadres at all levels who take charge and bear the burden. The selection and assignment of rural revitalization task force is an important initiative and practical action of Qingdao Municipal Committee to accelerate the promotion of rural revitalization.

Qingdao has further determined the distinctive selection and employment guide: the actual performance. That means that they just see what you have done, how much you have done, and whether the organization and the masses recognize what you have done. Set up a ruler of open administrative cadres with marketization, legalization and professionalism and select the people without seniority first. That means that we will break the rules and regulations and choose talents all from the needs of the post.

Stimulate the enthusiasm of officers and entrepreneurs
Let the majority of cadres have a  good future, an exciting job and promising life.

To stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and inspire more cadres to take charge, we can activate a pool of spring water to wade out a road of high-quality development of the city led by open innovation.

Strict control is generous love. Qingdao has established a strict management system to manage thoughts, work, style and discipline, deepened the use of the 'first form' of supervision and discipline, and strengthened the daily supervision and management of cadres.

Adhere to put the discipline in front and play both of the supervision and discipline monitoring to vigorously create a good atmosphere of still practical, good as, dare to take charge.

Standing in the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country has begun a new journey. All the party members and cadres will bear in mind the mission and responsibility on their shoulders, always maintain the confidence to overcome difficulties and break through obstacles. In this way, they will strive to create a performance worthy of the times, worthy of the people, with excellent results to meet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party!

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