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Aug 31, 2022Byiqingdao

Qingdao West Coast New Area boasts beautiful natural scenery of mountains, sea, islands, beaches and bays as well as splendid mountains, sea, islands, beaches and bays as well as splendid history and culture. Photo/Liu Mingyuan

​If you search for information about "Qingdao West Coast New Area", you may find that it covers a land area of 2128 square kilometers and a sea area of 5000 square kilometers. She is a "favorite" of nature. The four major mountain ranges including Dazhu Mountain and Xiaozhu Mountain stretch long and are joined together, the nine bay areas including Tangdao Bay and Lingshan Bay adjoin each other, and 42 islands including Lingshan Island and Zhucha Island are scattered all over the area, which outlines a beautiful picture with mountains, sea, islands and bays. With only a few words above, we can still see that this place is a perfect tourist destination.

It boasts beautiful natural scenery of mountains, sea, islands, beaches and bays as well as splendid history and culture, and is therefore rated by the experts of the World Tourism Organization as "one of the tourist resorts with the most development potential in North China".

The West Coast New Area is home to many national-level scenic spots such as Phoenix Island, 20 A-level scenic spots such as Langyatai, 20 star-rated brand hotels such as The Lalu, and many cultural and tourism projects such as Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis and TAG Art Bay. Walking around the new area, you can find one place that fascinates you.

Take this travelling guide to explore the beauty of this city and blow off some steam together with your beloved ones.

The coast tour takes you to enjoy the beautiful 282km coastline. The Golden Beach, Silver Beach, Tangdao Bay, Starry Island, City Balcony, Marine Park, etc. shine like pearls, offering you a charming holiday experience. The tour of island life takes you to Lingshan Island, the highest island in North China. The Elephant Trunk Hill, Tiger Mouth (a tiger mouth-shaped reef), Beacon Tower, Knife-Testing Rock, etc. are naturally formed and unique in shape. The fashion blocks tour integrates food, leisure, shopping, entertainment and other experiences. The drinks tour takes you to experience the different tastes and explore the cultures of beer, fruit wine and Baijiu. The film tour takes you to visit Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, and explore the film museums with distinct features, the Republic of China style street, the Coral Bridge, the Starry Island, the Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theater, as well as the popular film and TV drama shooting spots such as Huandao Road, Haiqing Town and Houshigou Village. The cultural venues and museums tour includes the past and present of seashells, the mysteries of natural ecology, the secrets behind the scenes, the construction of undersea tunnels, the differences between northern and southern architecture, and the big world of small seaweed. Many characteristic cultural venues and museums are worth exploring. The mountain tour takes you to look at the wonders of "the Dazhu and Xiaozhu mountains in the clouds", appreciate the unique charm of "Dazhu Mountain being not big and Xiaozhu Mountain being not small”, climb up Langyatai to trace the history, walk through the tranquil forest of Tiejue Mountain and breathe in the fresh air of the "forest oxygen bar". The small town tour takes you to Haiqing tea garden, which introduced tea from the south, to pick and roast tea leaves and taste tea, experience oil painting creation in the "Oil Painting Town", collect and taste blueberries, strawberries and cherries in the town, go to the Poli fair which has over 300 years of history, experience the country life in Yangjiashan surrounded by mountains and water, and feel the beauty of the countryside. The wellness tour can enhance your personal wellbeing and make you linger. The tour of art and cultural creation allows you to feel the influence of the masters, listen to the beating of notes, appreciate the collections with your heart, experience the charm of oil painting with your brush, and add an artistic touch to your life.


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