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Feb 23, 2023Byiqingdao

There is always a café in every city with a special characteristic of that city. With the growing popularity of coffee culture, “coffee” is no longer just a cup of drink, which also represents a lifestyle and an attitude to life. What the coffee drinkers taste, in addition to the mellow aroma and thickness of coffee, is more to sense the city’s culture, and the unique charm of the city.

In the booming Qingdao West Coast New Area, whether it’s along the beautiful seaside, in the deep alleys of the old city that people pass by every day, or in the villages with fields in sight, one thing that is certainly most integral is the rich aroma of coffee, which makes busy visitors stop to feel the distinctive urban flavor of the New Area in this charming city.

Seaside cafes, a West Coast special. [Photo/Feng Ling Du Kou Café(Golden Beach)]

Qingdao’s seaside is always full of scenery all year round, bringing people a different feeling whensoever. The unique coastal scenery of Qingdao also gives the cafes here the opportunity to combine romantically with the sea. It is not unusual to have a cup of coffee in other cities, but the combination of coffee and the sea is quite unusual to experience. The cafes located at different parts of coastal Qingdao West Coast New Area, such as Fenglingdukou Café on Golden Beach, LAVIDA COFFEE at Tangdao Bay, and SoBook at City Balcony, all have their characteristics.

Face the sea, and smell the coffee. No matter in what season, holding a flavorful cup of coffee, feeling the sea breeze at the beach, and watching the slapping waves, the footprints left on the beach, and the bright lights take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life as if the whole body and mind are purified.

The coffee in Qingdao West Coast New Area is special, and cafes are even more. No matter whether the quirky Weird Tales Club-Coffee & Liquor Yard or the retro-American-style NEWDAY CAFÉ has its own lovers. With the sound of the coffee machine, the fragrance spreading out, a song and a cup of latte bring a touch of mellow and rich seasonal flavor. A cold winter day calls for being closer to some warm people and things.

Sitting at the southern foot of Xiaozhu Mountain in Qingdao West Coast New Area, Maojiashan is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, with fields between the mountains and the sea as far as the eye can see. The old small village has now made itself representative of rural beauty. The Village of Life, which combines tea culture, vegetarian food, coffee, and rural hostel experience, has become an internet popular spot as soon as it was opened. Apricot Luck Café in Maojiashan East Village, Ten Year’s Date Café in Maojiashan’s West Village, and Evening Breeze With You Café each have their respective specialties, coffee and tea, music and delicious food, art and sharing, and the beautiful life spreads throughout the entire Maojiashan villages.


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