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Achieve the Dream together Through the Ocean Strategy: Building a Global Ocean Center City

Dec 20, 2020Byiqingdao

Comprehensively develop marine industry, marine science and technology, marine ports and other fields, and accelerate the construction of a global marine center city

To achieve the dream together through the ocean strategy

Born by the sea and thrives towards the sea. The most distinctive urban feature,as well as greatest advantage in Qingdao is the ocean.

Marine ecology has rendered the coastal city's color, marine technology has supported its pride of leading the world, and marine industry has forged the cornerstone of future development in Qingdao. For the 14th Five-Year Plan, Qingdao has set the building of a global marine center city as the overall goal of high-quality marine development. These show Qingdao's determination and courage of advancing into a world city.

The 21st century is the 'Ocean Century' when Qingdao will write the blue chapter and position it in a larger global perspective. Qingdao is opening up a new space with more core competitiveness and international influence.

Marine innovation curatorship: platform gathering and talent gathering

Building a strong country in the ocean, we must further care about the ocean, understand the ocean, the ocean strategy, and accelerate the pace of innovation in marine science and technology.

Because of advantages of platform concentration, Qingdao holds well-deserved source of marine science and technology innovation. And relying on the marine innovation platform, the gathering of marine talent has become the key to the ocean strategy. In recent years, Qingdao has been improving the regular cultivation and incentive mechanism for young marine talents stationed in Qingdao, and making efforts in policy environment, service support and condition provision to attract them to start their business in Qingdao.

Expand the advantages of the sea and seize the strategic high ground of the sea. Qingdao is also accelerating the building of a platform for marine science and innovation that interacts with enterprises, capital and research institutions, promoting more high-end talent teams and R&D achievements to gather in Qingdao, and driving the development of applied technologies and industrial breakthroughs. Besides, it is implementing major national science and technology projects in areas such as transparent ocean, supercomputing center and blue medicine library, and building a curatorial base for marine science and technology innovation.

The birthplace of mariculture: a strong foundation for the deep sea.

The ocean has given Qingdao its rich marine resources, highlighting the marine characteristics of this livable city.

From traditional aquaculture to modern marine fisheries step by step, Qingdao is transforming and upgrading in its traditional advantageous industries. Aquatic products are an important part of the food basket project, which hve been awared by Qingdao government. As for that, the government is trying to expand the advantages of marine fisheries to vigorously develop the front-end aquaculture 'breeding industry'and the back-end 'processing industry'. By this way, traditional advantages of the sea saw more comparative advantage.

From the offshore to the deep blue, Qingdao is still making more forward-looking layout of the deep sea industry. In the field of marine biological resources development and utilization, Qingdao is actively docking with the National Deep Sea Base Management Center, plan to build a national deep-sea gene bank, and carry out research and development and utilization of deep-sea biological resources to build a whole industrial chain of deep-sea microorganism collection, preservation, research and development and industrialization. And the deep-sea genetic resources development and industrialization capacity get increasingly improved.

Emerging industry convergence: latercomers surpass the formers to realize cluster development

In the past three years, Qingdao has been vigorously implementing the Blue Medicine Bank development plan to turn Qingdao's marine talent and scientific research advantages into industrial advantages. Today, Qingdao's marine drug research and development has entered a period of rapid development, and China's Blue Medicine Bank has formed a development trend of 'gathering and development, step-by-step output'.

Let's make Qingdao's marine biomedical industry that got rapid development as an example. In recent years, Qingdao has realized its shortages in marine emerging industries such as marine biomedicine, new energy, offshore equipment and other industries. By means of the recruitment of high-end marine emerging projects, the formation of sea-related industrial alliances and planning the construction of modern marine industry gathering area, the government is able to take the lead later.

Recently, Singapore TUFF Offshore officially, the leading offshore engineering solutions provider, is registered its only domestic subsidiary Tuff Energy Ltd. in Qingdao. With the landing of its offshore projects with an annual output value of over 10 billion RMB, Qingdao will become a global hub for the entire offshore oil and gas industry chain.

Land-sea linkage distribution center: port-city integration to prosper industry-city

Qingdao is built by the sea and thrives on the port, so the port is one of the great advantages of it.
In accelerating the construction of a world-class marine port, Qingdao has taken up the role of implementation and strived to be the first. It delivered a satisfactory answer sheet that the international status and influence of the marine port has rapidly increased. It is understood that Qingdao port is the 6th largest comprehensive port in the world, possessing the world's largest ore terminal, crude oil terminal and the world's leading fully automated container terminal. Moreover, the volume of container sea-rail transportation has ranked first in the country's ports for 6 consecutive years.

As an important port city, Qingdao does not only position the port as a transportation function, but also explores the formation of an organic association of international maritime law, maritime arbitration, finance and insurance, industrial development, etc. Thus, the port is able to form a strong global resource allocation capacity, and to realize the industrialization of shipping, trade and financial elements to gather and cluster.

Looking to the future, Qingdao is vigorously developing sea-rail transportation and shipping services, building a large channel to the sea in the Yellow River basin, and accelerating the formation of an open pattern of linking land and sea inside and outside, and mutual assistance between east and west. For this purpose, Qingdao has accelerated the development and construction of the international cruise ship homeport area, promoted the landing and construction of key projects such as China (Qingdao) RCEP International Expo Center and International Shipping Finance Center, and realized the integration of port and city and the prosperity of industry and city.

Industry chain complementary zone: five cities in Jiaodong achieving differential development.

In the fields of marine industry, marine science and technology, and marine ports, Qingdao is also playing the role of locomotive in the pursuit of regional integrated development.

The integrated development strategy of Jiaodong Economic Circle launched since last year provides an opportunity for the five cities in Jiaodong to strengthen the complementary advantages of marine economy. First of all, the cooperation and development of the five cities in Jiaodong has a broad foundation. The five cities of Jiaodong are located in the Jiaodong Peninsula, and have the advantages of population and economic volume as they are connected by geography, people, economy and culture.

At the same time, the Jiaodong economic circle facing Japan and South Korea, is an important area of the intersection of the Maritime Silk Road and the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge economic corridor, but also the important sea port of provinces along the Yellow River toward the SCO countries  China-SEC Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone and China-Korea Free Trade Area Local Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone are superimposed here.

In the framework of the integration of the Jiaodong Economic Circle, Qingdao is giving full play to its leading role in strengthening innovation cooperation and industry chain collaboration in the marine field, joining hands to build a leading international marine economic demonstration area and making greater contributions to the construction of a strong marine province.

A new blueprint has been drawn, and a new journey has been opened. Qingdao is remembering the great wish of the General Secretary and moving forward resoundingly to make greater contributions to the ocean strategy and provide surging ocean power for Qingdao into the future.

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