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2020 Global Venture Capital Online Conference held in Qingdao

Dec 22, 2020Byiqingdao

The 2020 Global Venture Capital Online Conference, sponsored by Qingdao Municipal Government and themed as 'New Platform for International Cooperation & New Opportunities for Technology Innovation Industry, was open at Qingdao International Conference Center on May 8, 2020. Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the global investment, industry and academic circles share their thinking, discuss cooperation and pursue common development face to face or through the online way.

Wang Qingxian, Party chief of Qingdao, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Liu Qiang, vice-governor of Shandong Province, Hong Lei, Chairman of Asset Management Association of China, Que Bo, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Li Hui, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange have delivered their speeches respectively. Meng Fanli, Mayor of Qingdao, chaired the opening ceremony.

In his keynote speech, Wang Qingxian pointed out that the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 spread all over the world, breaking the order of life, society and economy. The world is changing, but the thought of Qingdao to build a venture capital center of the world remains unchanged! Globalization may change its mode and appearance, and encounter temporary setback, but it will never be the end of globalization. Perhaps it is just the beginning of a new globalization. As an important part of the world economic network, China's huge market demand is both for domestic production and the international supply.

Under the pressure of the epidemic, the internet has stepped into a new stage, which is the industrial internet, said Wang Qingxian, adding that Qingdao has a complete industrial system and diverse application scenarios, and aims to become a global center of the industrial internet on the basis of Artificial Intelligence Industrial Community and Haier- COSMOPlat, which will attract new industrial elements, promote their integration, and open up more investment areas and project sources for venture capital funds.

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