A Hundred Years of Licun Market! Full of New Year Flavor!

Apr 13, 2020Byiqingdao

In the annals of Jimo County of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, its establishment chapter says that "the market is in the countryside. Licun Market, 60 Li south of the county. Licun Market has a history of more than 100 years, and has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the old Qingdao people, bearing the exclusive memory of a generation.

On the taste of new year, it is the most authentic collection of Licun Market.Licun Market has a wide range of products, ranging from food ingredients to furniture and sofas!Every 2th and 7th of the lunar calendar is a big gathering of Licun Market. The address is 69 Chongqing Middle Road, Licang District.One

"A street of Spring Festival couplets"

Licun Market has a strong flavor of Spring Festival.

Spring Festival couplets and window decorations occupy a whole street.The street is full of lively red.A lot of people go to the market with their grandchildren.

The children in the picture are choosing beautiful hairpins and beautiful new clothes

They are "big events" that can't be missed every new year.Candy man is indispensable for Chinese New Year.

At the sight of candy man, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival become strong again.


"The price of new year's products in Lichun Market has been known for a long time"

The vegetables at the site of Lichun Market are very fresh.

They're all from cars and sold directly in the car.

The price is quite cheap.

Even seafood began to be sold in the car.


"Fabrication on Site"

Sesame butter and peanut butter are all made on the spot.

Childhood snacks made on the spot.

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