Outlets Queue up in Qingdao to "Upgrade" Fashion Consumption, Qingdao Strive to Enhance the Level of Consumption Supply

Jul 15, 2020Byiqingdao

Qingdao strives to enhance the level of consumption supply, strengthen the construction of consumption carrier, and build an international consumption center city.

Under the impact of the epidemic, a number of outlets represented by Shanghai Qingpu Bailian outlets have been on the rise. Take Bailian, a leading enterprise that is about to enter Qingdao, as an example. From May to September last year, its overall operating performance of outlets achieved double-digit year-on-year growth. During the National Day holiday, the year-on-year growth rate reached more than 30%.

Under multiple pressures, many well-known brands choose outlets to solve the inventory problem and attract entry-level consumers, which brings a new round of development opportunities for outlets. Outlets project is also becoming a new driving force for urban consumption upgrading.

A panoramic view of Rio Carnival in the West Coast New Area

Consumption Dark Horse

In the early stage of the epidemic in 2020, outlets was also in trouble like department stores and shopping malls. However, in the second half of the year, many outlets projects show a strong momentum of development.

The same good momentum has taken place in Qingdao's local outlets project, Rio Carnival
The construction area of Rio Carnival, which opened in 2015, is about 140000 square meters. It is a landmark commercial tourism complex in Qingdao West Coast new area. Under the impact of the epidemic, Rio Carnival has achieved sales of about 420 million yuan in 2020, and the recovery situation can not be underestimated.
Taking advantage of Qingdao City Shopping Festival, the project organized a series of wonderful preferential activities, during which the passenger flow increased by 150% month on month, and the performance in August last year increased by 5% compared with the same period in 2019.

Preliminary results were achieved

The good development momentum makes outlets become the main form of retail market.

What is gratifying is that Qingdao is continuously increasing its efforts to attract outlets projects in recent years, and has achieved initial results.

There is more than one outlets project waiting to enter Qingdao. The Wangfujing City outlets project, which was set up at the original spring Plaza on No.9 Shandong Road, is planned to open in August this year and is still in the state of attracting investment. The Qingdao Bailian outlets Plaza in Jimo district is expected to open in the first half of 2022. The Aegeanair shopping park outlets project is also one of the reserve projects of Qingdao outlets The site is located in the southern business district of Jiaozhou new airport, with a total investment of 15.5 billion yuan.

Developing Regional Brand

On the one hand, these leading enterprises recognize the consumption level, development level and consumption concept of Qingdao; more importantly, they can be seen as the industry's good expectations for the construction of Qingdao as an international consumption center and the integration of Jiaodong economic circle.

While taking into account the stock consumer groups in Qingdao, these outlets projects build a new fashion consumption highland radiating Yantai, Weihai, Weifang, Rizhao and other surrounding cities. At present, when the "fast forward" key is pressed for the integrated construction of Jiaodong economic circle, the more convenient transportation between cities is expected to provide sufficient passenger flow support for the outlets projects that are about to enter or have entered Qingdao.

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