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Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform Officially Launched

Jan 19, 2021Byiqingdao

-Here, the original independent government service functions and government data aggregation, all nodes in the whole chain of investment promotion have been opened up, and the systematicness, integrity and coordination of Qingdao's "Double attracting investment and talents" work have been improved.

-Here, the logic of government enterprise communication has been redefined. Entrepreneurs investing in Qingdao will achieve "point-to-point" communication with relevant government departments, investment consultation and suggestions will get immediate feedback.

-Here, all kinds of innovation resource elements will accelerate the agglomeration, interaction and coupling, create a complete ecological environment for investment and entrepreneurship in Qingdao, and complete the creative innovation of entrepreneurs.

Since Qingdao launched the "Double attracting investment and talents" offensive in 2019, the city has established a big investment promotion system and a series of investment promotion mechanisms, such as top grid promotion, marketization and platform, to promote the continuous optimization of business environment. At the same time, some problems have also been exposed with the advance of the "Double attracting investment and talents" offensive, such as the lack of communication channels between government and business, the lack of publicity channels for key industries, investment policies and investment resources, the low degree of platform for investment and investment, and the failure to fully enlarge the "hosting effect" of the city's major activities.

How to solve those problems?

Under the guidance of platform thinking, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Qingdao daily jointly built a social platform for investment promotion resources informatization (hereinafter referred to as "social platform") to systematically solve problems, improve mechanisms and strengthen scheduling, so as to improve the effectiveness of the whole process of project recruitment, planning, negotiation and implementation. After three months of trial operation, "social platform" was officially launched on January 1, 2021.

Understand entrepreneur

Since 2019, a series of high-level exhibitions and forums have been held in Qingdao, such as the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum, the Qingdao summit of multinational company leaders, and the Qingdao forum of China EU entrepreneurs summit. Thousands of entrepreneurs have come to Qingdao to form a bond with the city. In the future, these entrepreneurs who have been to Qingdao will continue to "stay" in Qingdao through the "social platform". On important holidays, they will also receive greetings from the Qingdao municipal Party committee and government, and continue to feel the temperature and sincerity of the city.

In order to enable entrepreneurs to have a comprehensive and timely understanding of Qingdao's business environment and industrial policies, Qingdao daily take full advantage of its media role, updates Qingdao's economic information, interprets investment promotion and industrial policies, and publishes the latest activities on the platform for the first time.

Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce has repeatedly organized special research and centralized training for staff to ensure industrial policies and investment promotion projects issued by various districts and cities can be updated on the platform at the first time. The "social platform" also connects with the "double attracting investment and talent" key project scheduling platform of Qingdao City, and the enterprise leaders of key projects can grasp the "progress bar" of project progress in real time on the “social platform".

From economic and policy information, to legal services needed and  information of venture capital institutions for entrepreneurship, to featured hotels and snacks, The "social platform" takes care of all aspects of entrepreneurs' investment and life in Qingdao, and even the investment costs of water and electricity. The platform also makes a special collection, so that entrepreneurs who invest in Qingdao can "see at a glance".

A new communication approach between government and business

Through telephone consultation and online message consultation, the "social platform" has established a new mechanism of government enterprise communication for entrepreneurs investing in Qingdao. Entrepreneurs can find all relevant institutions in the field of "double attracting investment and talents " in Qingdao on the platform, and can dial the phone on the platform with one click to accurately consult relevant questions. Entrepreneurs can also publish the basic information of the project they want to invest on the platform. After the project is uploaded, it will reach the counterpart of the investment project through intelligent information diversion. They will get in touch with the entrepreneurs at the first time and provide follow-up services.

In addition to establishing a convenient channel for political and business communication, "social platform" has also created an exclusive circle of friends for entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao. The platform will make use of the big data matching function to recommend relevant friends for users. After "following" friends, it can gradually establish its own political and business "circle of friends", and also search and query people who want to contact here. Real time online interaction will effectively reduce the time cost of communication between entrepreneurs and government service personnel, and shorten the distance between them.

The new ecological platform thinking

At present, the "social platform" has been connected with COSMOPlat . The industrial chain enterprises gathered by COSMOPlat can enter the social platform to make investment docking with departments, districts and cities; the enterprises on the social platform can also enter the CAOS platform for enabling docking.

At present, the platform has released 93 investment intentions, with a total investment of 47.6 billion yuan, a project docking rate of 98.92%, and 35 projects have been implemented.

In the next step, the "social platform" will be connected with the "policy information" platform of Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau. In the future, the "social platform" will continue to link with the customs, tax, administrative approval and other government service platforms to open up all nodes and links in the process of "double attracting investment and talents", and build an integrated ecosystem of Qingdao government services.

The coupling and interaction of all information subjects and data on the platform will further break the hierarchical barriers, improve the efficiency of information circulation, promote the process reengineering of investment projects at the decision-making, implementation, supervision and other levels, make the process of coordinated promotion of various departments and institutions from "series" to "parallel", break through the difficulties and blocking points in the process of project landing, and improve the speed of investment landing.

At the same time, as more and more platform institutions, entrepreneurs and investors join the "social platform", the online entrepreneurial ecosystem will continue to grow and expand, attracting more entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao, and using capital to cast an important vote of "investing in Qingdao is investing in the national strategy".

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