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Qingdao Project Landing Year——2021

Jan 22, 2021Byiqingdao

In 2021, the list of the first batch of key projects were published, 200 municipal key construction projects are planned to invest 505.02 billion yuan and 100 key preparation projects with a total planned investment 140.39 billion yuan.

there will be 300  key projects in Qingdao,  total invest645.41 billion yuan, including 200 municipal key construction projects with a planned total investment of 505.02 billion yuan and 100 key preparation projects with a planned total investment of 140.39 billion yuan.

The first priority of the Qingdao municipal government economic work in 2021 is upholding the principle of large investment, high quality to promote large projects landing implementation, Meanwhile 30 projects will be selected from the 200projects as major municipal projects with a total investment of 233.41 billion yuan. this 30 projects will be carried out top grade coordination, top grade listening and top grade promotion.

The project of Asian Cup football is listed as the municipal key project in 2021.

Qingdao government will serve some large projects actively ,accelerate the preliminary work of the projects, also connect the municipal key project database to "Double attracting investment and talent", establishing a tracking and supervision mechanism for all the  projects in whole process ,and make a large number of "double recruitment and double introduction" projects with large investment , strong leading, and good development potential become a new force.

Qingdao will pay attention to look into ways of bring out the energy of nongovernmental investment ,pay more respect to enterprises  incorporat a number of social investment projects decisively, making the municipal key project library as an important platform for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

In the process of selecting projects, we should insist on argumentation first and openness to receive strategies. ,putting the expert argumentation in a prominent position and soliciting   opinions and suggestions extensively from different districts, relevant departments and relevant business associations. Part of projects made decisions through the way of organizing defense, pay more attention to improving the project development level, considering the investment intensity and current progress, and took into account the industry category and social benefits comprehensively.

In 2021,Qingdao will focus on industrial projects, checks the project quality, authenticity, insists on selecting the best from the best, not only ensures seeking truth from facts, also highlights the industrial orientation.

Accurately Connect 13 Industrial Chains and Upgrade Urban Industrial Structure in the Future

It is worth noting that compared with the previous project classification, the municipal key project list has a significant change in 2021, and the classification of key projects accurately corresponds to 13 industrial chains. Through this list, Qingdao has outlined the path of industrial upgrading in the new year.

13 industrial chains are connected vertically, 15 offensive are connected horizontally, and the "acupoints" are identified and concentrated. From the perspective of project classification, there are 13 industrial chains corresponding to 200 key construction projects, including 12 modern marine industry projects, 4 high-end chemical and traditional manufacturing industry projects, 44 high-end equipment industry projects, 8 high-quality tourism industry projects, 4 commercial and trade industry projects, 3 business service industry projects, 10 cultural and creative industry projects, 6 modern and efficient agricultural industry projects, and 4 Modern and high-efficiency agricultural industry projects There are 15 financial service industry projects, 9 modern logistics industry projects, 29 new energy and new materials industry projects, 34 new generation information technology industry projects, 15 health care industry projects and 7 infrastructure projects.

Looking at this list carefully, a series of projects of chain extension, chain supplement and chain strengthening are listed. In the high-end equipment industry, the Qingdao base project of Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the parts production project of Qingdao Meijin hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle will increase the competitiveness of Qingdao dream chasing new energy vehicle industry, and the export service base of China's rail transit vehicles and important parts and the inspection and certification center of rail transit vehicles will further enhance the advantages of Qingdao's rail transit industry Dongxiang's 150 million square meter high powerful energy-saving conveyor belt energy conversion project and Israel Cape road high-end precision measuring instrument R & D and production base project will provide new power for Qingdao's advanced manufacturing.

Focusing on the "four new economies", this project selection not only depends on the scale and structure, but also pays more attention to the growth, leading and future value output. Among the new generation of IT industry projects, there are Donghua software Sub Center Industrial Park project and China Mobile (Qingdao, Shandong) data center phase II project and other projects involving big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. There are also "strong core" projects to supplement the city's short board, such as the R & D, design, packaging and manufacturing project of walcore semiconductor integrated circuit, the high-end packaging and testing plant project of Qingdao fusion Semiconductor Co., Ltd. These future oriented industrial projects will continue to enhance Qingdao's new advantages of high-quality development.

Make Full Efforts to Tackle Difficulties,Manage Municipal Key Project Database Dynamically

"Project landing year" focuses on implementation. The notice has systematically deployed the implementation of key municipal projects.

Adhere to the "elements follow the project" to improve service efficiency. The notice requires all relevant departments to actively cooperate, give priority to support and guarantee municipal key projects in land, capital, approval and other elements, and optimize the construction environment of key projects. To ensure that the new land demand of key projects should be fully guaranteed. The green channel of municipal key project examination and approval should be unblocked, and the examination and approval services of municipal key projects should be done efficiently to improve the efficiency of examination and approval services.

Use the logic of the market to do things and the power of capital to do things. The notice  requires for increasing financial support for key projects and guiding commercial banks and other financial institutions to increase fund supply for key projects in various ways. We should actively explore market-oriented investment and financing methods, guide more social capital to participate in the construction of municipal key projects, and accelerate the formation of market-oriented endogenous growth mechanism of investment. In the guarantee of project funds, we should fully understand, make good use of and borrow capital, give full play to the role of government financial funds, make overall use of government bonds, enterprise bonds, bank loans, equity investment, trust funds and other channel resources, and promote government investment and social investment to go hand in hand.

Grasp the whole process from the beginning. The Notice specifies the mechanism of notification and supervision, and requires the municipal development and Reform Commission to focus on the establishment of a complete set of mechanisms for tracking and evaluating indicators, collecting, analyzing, studying and judging, and applying results, so as to strengthen supervision and inspection. Through the municipal key project work class to promote the project construction, form the municipal key project progress report every month, and guide all districts (cities) and responsible units to work hard and achieve actual results. Up and down linkage, to form a joint force. The notice also requires further improvement of the special class consultation mechanism for municipal key projects, and coordination among all units to solve the difficult problems encountered in the promotion of key projects.

Enrich the project support and strengthen the project reserve. In the process of promoting municipal key projects, Qingdao will implement dynamic management, continue to focus on 15 offensives and 13 industrial chains, actively plan large projects, create large projects, attract large projects, and establish a municipal key project reserve. The municipal development and Reform Commission will timely incorporate qualified major projects into the municipal key projects, accelerate the promotion, make efforts in multi-level and wide areas, and constantly set off a new era "Project landing year" is a new upsurge.

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