Highlight Moment | Tsingtao Brewery Became the World’s First “Lighthouse Factory” in Beer and Beverage Industry

Mar 16, 2021Byiqingdao

“Lighthouse Factory” Polished World Business Card
On the afternoon of March 15, the World Economic Forum announced in Geneva, Switzerland, that the global lighthouse network welcomed new members. The 118-year history of Tsingtao brewery became the world's first “Lighthouse Factory” in the beer and beverage industry, together with 15 companies such as Bosch, HP, JNJ, P&G, Siemens, Foxconn.

“Lighthouse Factory” is a model of Digital Manufacturing and Globalization 4.0 selected jointly by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey Consulting, known as the most advanced factory in the world.

“Lighthouse Factory” not only revolutionized manufacturing, it also changes business model, product development, production management, quality management and consumer service in all respects. It matters to you and me.

Business Model
Previously, consumers had no other choice but to buy what the brewery produced. Now with the “Lighthouse Factory”, they directly choose private custom.

Product Research and Development Link
Based on consumer demand, “Lighthouse Factory” is able to use the original three decoding research and development model from Tsingtao Brewery through coding intelligent marketing platform, which helps to decode the consumer fuzzy, sensual demand into accurate, rational and standardized process. And it greatly accelerated the speed of new product development, testing, and listing.

Production Management Chain
Based on the research of sales big data, the lighthouse could help to form optimal production scheduling scheme, production layout, and system cost and improve operational efficiency.

Quality Control
It helps to achieve digital management of beer production, distribution and after-sales life cycle. Products are tracked by GPS positioning and can be traced through bar code.

Sales Link
Digital technology can better insight into consumer preferences, improve marketing accuracy and satisfy our consumer.

Sustainable Development
“Lighthouse Factory” not only maximizes efficiency and competitiveness, transforming business models and boosting economic growth while maintaining environmental sustainability.

World Economic Forum's Evaluation of Qingdao Beer
Given the growing demand for personalized, differentiated and diversified beer products, the 118-year-old Tsingtao Brewery redeployed intelligent digital technologies across the value chain to meet consumer demand, reducing the time of customer order delivery and new product development by 50%. The share of customized beer and revenue increased by 33% and 14% respectively.

“Lighthouse Factory” Lights up the Future Through Wind and Ocean's Roar
In order to embrace the industrial Internet with the vitality of beyond the age, a 118-year-old enterprise lights up the new scene of intelligent manufacturing in the beer and beverage industry by the way of lighthouse. Tsingtao Brewery will continue to forge ahead to help Qingdao become the world's industrial internet capital and upgrade the competitive edge of the manufacturing industry.

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