Full Opening of the Olympic Sailing Center to Create a Fashionable Coast of Qingdao

May 28, 2021Byiqingdao


From June 1, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Museum will be open for free. Just earlier this month, the gates of the Olympic Sailing Center were officially opened, with no more security equipment or ticket barriers, and no need to show any documents to enter the center.


Since the beginning of summer this year, the Olympic Sailing Center has continued to be full of popularity, with the 11th City Clubs Open Regatta International 2021, Qingdao Marathon and a number of other events held, leaving a large number of citizens and visitors with deep impressions and unforgettable memories.


The Olympic Sailing Museum, which will be open for free in early June, is located in the Olympic Sailing Center, with Yan'er Island Mountain at its back and the sea facing it, with beautiful scenery and excellent sea views. As a modern museum integrating history, culture, sports and social science, the museum has a large collection of cultural heritage from the 2008 Olympic Games and the Olympic Sailing Competition.

The sea tourism of the Olympic Sailing Center focuses on the "Sailing City Sea Journey", "the most beautiful bay tour" and "night tour of Fushan Bay" three sea sightseeing experience boutique projects, allowing the public visitors to fully experience the leisure and relaxation of clear sky, blue sea and dazzling light show.


The successful delivery of Qingdao Tourism 002 marks the opening of a new chapter in Qingdao's maritime tourism, which will certainly help it to develop with high quality and play a vital role in building Qingdao as an international fashion city and improving the night economy.


In October last year, China's first offshore soccer stadium, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center "Sea Diamond" soccer stadium, was officially opened, which is a great feat. It is a soccer stadium with a view of the sea on all sides. At the end of last year, the Olympic Sailing Center Basketball Park was opened, which is another sports project launched in the center after the soccer field was put into use.


At present, the unique and distinctive Olympic sail sea comprehensive sports center is becoming a beautiful fashionable business card of Qingdao in the construction of national sports and cultural industries.


The Qingdao Marathon kicked off in the early morning of May 4 this year, and the finish line of this marathon was set inside the Olympic Sailing Center. Ten thousand players were not affected by the rainy weather and came to the "most beautiful track" early to keep an appointment with spring.

In addition to the marathon, more and more Qingdao events, including the annual Qingdao New Year's Eve, the Innovation Festival and more, are coincidentally located there.


In the future, the Olympic Sailing Center, with the Qingdao International Convention Center, will also continue to be a great place for the public to visit and relax with a new and stylish image.

(By Fanying)

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