International Talent Market Successfully Held the Calligraphy Cultural Exchange Activity

Jun 02, 2021Byiqingdao

In May 29th, the cultural exchange activity was successfully held in Qingdao Market International Talent Community. A total of 14 overseas students participated in the event.

The 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization has been able to flow far and wide, and it is the writing that has handed him down to this day, while calligraphy is the perfect interpretation of Chinese writing.

During the activity, the international students experienced how to write in different fonts. The students not only felt the profound art of Chinese calligraphy in the fragrance of ink, but also fully experienced the charm and fun of calligraphy culture, and they said they would bring their works back to school to treasure them carefully. At the same time, the College of International Exchange of Shandong University of Science and Technology also said that the College has always attached importance to promoting Chinese traditional culture and thanked the International Talent Market for building a platform for international students to exchange traditional Chinese culture and helping overseas talents to settle in the new area.

China International Talent Market Qingdao Market is committed to building an international talent community in Qingdao Market, where international students of different nationalities, races, cultural backgrounds and life philosophies can exchange, forming a unique international community culture and realizing the docking of resources such as culture, art, human connections and value exchange, and continuously improving the external service capacity and influence of the international talent market.

(By Liuqin)

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