Meet France Without Traveling ——The First Qingdao French Festival at Taipingjiao Park

Jun 11, 2021Byiqingdao

On June 5-6, 2021, the first Qingdao French Festival was welcomed at C-UP Songgongguan, No. 2 Zhanshan 1st Road, Taipingjiao.


The first Qingdao French Festival brings together a bazaar, a fashion exhibition and a French banquet with different vendors offering French specialties in food and drinks, as well as French furniture, handicrafts, French music, fashion trends, fashion runway shows and colorful games on site ...


The friendly and cheerful French atmosphere will show the rich and deep French cultural heritage and romantic French life style in all aspects.

Related Information:
Every grass, every tree, every brick and stone in the old city area of Qingdao has witnessed the changes in the world of the island, and also hides a century-old story. C-UP Songgongguan, as the third phase of "Badaiguan - Taipingjiao Universal Architecture Expo", takes advantage of the beautiful environment of Taipingjiao to create fashionable wedding show, love corner, food corner and other fashionable elements.

As one of the first fashionable art districts in Qingdao, Taipingjiao area has successfully held a number of high-quality cultural and leisure activities, becoming a public cultural scenic area integrating cultural dissemination, architectural appreciation, art appreciation and fashionable leisure.

The activities of the French Festival better promote the gathering and integration of multiple cultures in the Taipingjiao area, making it truly a fashionable city reception hall with "wonderful seasons".

(By Fanying)

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