Qingdao Rye Music Festival Fire up the Hottest Sound of Summer!

Jun 15, 2021Byiqingdao


On June 12, 2021 Qingdao Rye Music Festival officially opened.

On May 19, the opening day, forty-six thousand tickets sold out within two minutes, setting a record since the founding of the rye festival, but also the fastest speed of large domestic music festival in the first half of the year.This June, the best sound is the Rye Music Festival, the most beautiful is the fans, and Qingdao is also the first destination for fans to embark on a musical journey.With Young People Leading, the Industry is Booming

The introduction of the Rye Music Festival can be considered the annual highlight of the local music industry. In recent years, Jimo has taken the music industry as the leading segment of the cultural industry.The landing of the Rye Music Festival project in Musicdo Valley not only means the addition of the head music festival, but also brings out the transportation advantage, cultural advantage and citizen advantage of Jimo along with the situation.Rye Music Festival is rich in genres, which fits well with the musical tone of Immortality. Youth is the king while fashion is gathering; music is in charge. while the industry is booming - this is the 'Jimo Phenomenon'.

Qingdao Rye Music Festiva as a Benchmark

The organizer of the festival, Taihe Music, has positioned Qingdao Rye Music Festival as a "benchmark".Qingdao Rye Music Festival embodies three major features: a highly professional lineup of musicians, conscientious ticket prices, and all-access city image promotion.The lineup highlights the diverse and rich features of the show, taking into account a variety of musical styles, and professional music fans and star-crossed fans alike will find their favorites.

2021 Rye Music Festival proves that Qingdao's market capacity, operational experience and coordination capabilities are sufficient to handle top volume headline music festivals.

The Hidden Faces in the Data

The music festival brings not only cultural and tourism consumption, but also makes a big data face for young music fans.

The Music Festival fans are mainly after the 90s, the ratio of men to women is 45% and 55% respectively. Among them, 35% of the fans are local to Qingdao, while the others come from all over the country. It shows that young people's understanding of music consumption does not care about cost, but more about cultural enjoyment.The ancient country of Jimo has a long history. In such a city with the cultural thickness of the festival, it is bound to reflect the data base of the show movement, the tone of diversity and tolerance and the advantages of cultural heritage.Fifty thousand fans are fifty thousand self-publishers. These young people become the nodes of city image communication during the festival, making Qingdao Rye Music Festival become the top of the hot search ranking on MicroBlog, Tik Tok and other major platforms, which is far more vivid and deeper than the simple city image advertisement.

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