Watercolor Exhibition Showcases Qingdao's Artistic Lineage

Sep 29, 2021Byiqingdao

Qingdao, the scenic coastal city of Shandong province, was one of the earliest places in the nation to be introduced to the watercolor technique. The beautiful and poetic views Qingdao commands have also made the city a long-standing favorite destination for painters seeking inspiration.

The National Art Museum of China is holding an exhibition through Oct 7 to show Qingdao's watercolor tradition. On display are works by over 100 artists, many of whom hail from or now live and work in Qingdao. 

It reviews how homegrown painters of generations have explored an art form from the West, and also shows the development and changing landscapes of Qingdao in modern times.

Cloud and Mist, by Yuan Yutang [Photo provided to China Daily]

Landscape, by Lyu Pin [Photo provided to China Daily]

Lu Xun Park, by Jiang Shiyu [Photo provided to China Daily]

Qingdao Impression, by Du Dakai [Photo provided to China Daily]

Summer, by Song Shouhong [Photo provided to China Daily]

The National Art Museum of China is holding an exhibition, throughout Oct 7, to show Qingdao's watercolor tradition. [Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]

Zhongshan Park, by Xu Yongqing [Photo provided to China Daily]

Source:CHINA DAILY-Charming Qingdao

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