Chengyang District

Dec 16, 2022

Facing Mount Lao in the east, embracing Jiaozhou Bay in the west, Chengyang District covers some 378 square kilometers. Chengyang District is a national ecological district, enjoying good ambient air in over 90% of the days throughout a year. It is a national model district in mass sports, with more than 40 public sports venues, close to the European level. It is speeding up construction of the national high speed trail technology innovation center and Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone, with the rail transit listed as the city's 100-billion industrial chain development strategy. Nearly 70%of the high-speed trains are made here. The first modern tram demonstration line in Shandong has been put into use here. It has launched China's first permanent magnet straddle-type monorail train and fully automatic unmanned train, and is also the birthplace of Fuxing trains. It is also the countrys agricultural product safe type monorail train and fully automatic unmanned train,and is also the birthplace of Fuxing trains.It is also the country's agricultural product safety district, national demonstration district for chronic disease prevention and control.

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