Laixi City

Apr 22, 2021

It is home to Chanzhi Reservoir (Laixi Lake), the biggest reservoir in Jiaodong with a total capacity of 402 million cubic meters and Jiangshan Wetland, the biggest inland wetland of Jiaodong with an area of 25 square kilometers. It is among the top 100 counties in terms of comprehensive strength and among the top 100 county economies in terms of basic competitiveness, a national model city in scientific and technological advancement, a national competitive city in food industry, one of the first-batch national demonstration zones for agricultural modernization, and a provincial-level civilized city. It hosted the 2nd and 3rd World Leisure Games. It is a recipient of the Asian Golden Tourism Award and rated one of the first-batch top 10 leisure (vacationing) destinations. It is also a pilot city for comprehensive standardization of leisure cities. It strives to build a modern subregional center, an advanced manufacturing base of Qingdao, a transportation and logistics hub on the peninsula, a national demonstration zone of agricultural modernization, and an international leisure and tourism destination, and rises to be an example of green development in the greater North Qingdao area.

Qingdao International Community Center (for Culture and Tourism)

Shinan District, Qingdao

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