Shibei District

Dec 16, 2022

Located in the geographical center of urban Qingdao, it covers an area of 65. 4 square kilometers. Shibei District, inheriting history and culture of the century-old city, is home to a number of national industrial heritage including centuryold port and train station, along with historic and cultural blocks like Guantao Road and Haiyun'an Nunnery, 22 museums like the beer museum, and Radish, Rice Glue Ball, and Sugar Ball Gathering which has a history of over 700 years and attributes to the district's place as the birthplace for Qingdao folk custom. It is the cradle of Qingdao's industries in modern times with a cluster of modern national industries like beer textile, and home appliances. Taidong Town, Dabao Island, Xiaobao Island, etc. are regions where the citys commerce originated, where Guantao Road used to be Qingdao's economic and financial center. Textile industry represented by the first state-owned textile mill attributed to Qingdao's reputation for its advanced textile development comparable to Shanghai and Tianjin back in early and mid-20th century. Qingdao's modern national industries like Haier, Tsingtao Beer, Etsong Tabacco and CRRC Qingdao Sifang were born here.

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