West Coast New Area

Apr 22, 2021

Profile of Qingdao West Coast New Area
Qingdao West Coast New Area is the ninth state-level new are approved by the State Council. It is located on the west coast of Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay and is one of the three main urban areas of Qingdao. Focusing on marine economy and enjoying provincial-level jurisdiction, the New Area is leading Qingdao’s socio-economic development.
Land area: 2,128 square kilometers
Sea area: 5000 square kilometers
Shoreline: 330.5 kilometers
Population: million
Economic strength

In 2018, the New Area registered a GDP of 351.71 billion yuan, ranking third among the 19 state-level new areas, up 9.8%; its public fiscal budgetary revenue reached 26.27 billion yuan, up 7.8%; investment in fixed assets increased by 13.1%.
Four Name Cards

Since the approval of Qingdao West Coast New Area, it has been striving to set up its external image and improve its internal vitality. By creating four business cards as "City of Beer, Island of Music, Metropolis of Film and Center of Exhibition", West Coast New Area has been continuing to enhance its soft power and comprehensive competitiveness as new state-level area.
Metropolis of Film
Qingdao is a city with movie in its blood. It nurtures a large number of famous film artists; more than 200 films and television programs are shot here every year; Qingdao is China’s first and UNESCO’s ninth City of Film, Lingshan bay film and Television Cultural Industry Zone was planned and established to build a world-class shooting and production base. The Qingdao  Movie Metropolis with a total investment of RMB 50 billion Yuan has been put into operation, and there are a 40 international standard studios in the film and television.
Island of Music
Qingdao is also called  “Qindao”, as the romantic charm of the mountains and the sea shows the beauty of music. The "Sound of Phoenix"Performance Center looks like a dancing phoenix stretching its neck and singing. The Concert Hall, the Grand Theater and open-air music squares built along the coast host world-class musical events, including the EUYouth Music Festival and Mendelssohn Piano International Competition, making the New Area immersed in enchanting melodies.
City of Beer
Qingdao International Beer Festival is a grand event which gives full play to Qingdao passion, manifests Qingdao specialty and charm, and has international influence. Qingdao International Bear Festival was celebrated in the New Area since 2015, which display “Same” Beer Festival, Different Bear Culture” and raises the popularity, reputation and influence of Qingdao and the West Coast New Area. The scientific planning of the Beer City’s  subsequent operation mode continues to write the legend of the everlasting "Four-season Beer Festival".

Coast of Exhibition
Qingdao was one of China's first coastal open cities and is an important window for China's opening-up as well as a major destination for international conferences and exhibitions. The West Coast New Area is the permanent venue for East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform. It has successively held about 100 high-end exhibitions and forums with high standards such as East Asia Marine Cooperation  Platform, World OceanConference, BRICS Sherpa Meeting and FIAP Photo Meeting, which significantly raise the popularity, reputation and influence of Qingdao and the New Area. The World ExpoCity is the largest coastal expo center in Northeast Asia with the most complete facilities and the highest level of technology which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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