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Foreigners in Qingdao: An Indian Yogi Lalit

Apr 15, 2021

The fast-paced lifestyle in the city often makes people feel unable to breathe. It is difficult to dispel some negative emotions such as tension, anxiety or irritability so that they become a shadow of the emotional norm, affecting sleep and disrupting life. After such an exhausting life, people are eager to seek a sense of inner peace and tranquility. As a relaxing exercise for the body and mind, Yoga is becoming more and more popular.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

In Qingdao, an Indian yogi Lalit hopes to make more people healthy, happy and joyful through yoga.

Lalit was born in a family of yogis in India. His grandfather, father, and brother were all involved in yoga-related sports, but his connection to yoga began with an illness. When Lalit was 5, he was thin and sickly. Suffering from severe asthma, he can't breathe properly for several days when his condition is severe.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

In order to save Lalit, the family decided to start him on yoga, trying to use yoga exercises to help Lalit relieve the pain caused by his asthma. Day after day, Lalit gradually learned about yoga and felt the changes it brought to him. He began to practice on his own initiative. After several years of dedicated practice, Lalit, who had difficulty breathing, became the number one student in the physical fitness test for lung capacity when he attended a sports university.

After graduating from university, Lalit had the opportunity to work in several countries including Singapore, UK, Japan, China and Malaysia due to her unique insights on yoga. Lalit's father felt that China was a country that preserved its traditions and China has safe law and order. Eventually he decided to let Lalit move to China.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

Lalit came to China for the first time in 2006. Qingdao was the first "foreign city" that Lalit came across after he left India. From being uncomfortable with Chinese food to loving Chinese food like Mapo Tofu; from not being comfortable with the smell of the sea in Qingdao to walking on the beach now and then; from not knowing Chinese to being able to say simple Chinese words and phrases ......Lalit has been in Qingdao for 14 years. Lalit seems to be in harmony with the city. He has witnessed the changes of the city over the years, and also left his story of time in the city.

Currently, Lalit has created its own yoga studio Lalit Yoga (Lalit Yoga) in Qingdao, a comprehensive yoga training institution integrating online and offline, offering diversified yoga services and training course bodies, teaching and serving many students. Back in 2006, before yoga was popular, Lalit began teaching the Naurelian method of visceral toning, which is now known throughout the yoga industry.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

At Lalit Yoga Studio, one will experience the most authentic Indian yoga with a red dot in the center of the forehead, called Bindi (auspicious mole). It means to activate the brow chakra and stimulate energy. During the class Lalit will use his understanding of yoga to influence the students so that they can learn to control their emotions, change bad habits, feel a complete relaxation of body, mind and brain, and tap into the happiness that comes from within.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

For the future, Lalit sets no limits. He loves living in China and teaching Chinese students, and he hopes that he can always create a harmonious and peaceful spiritual home for people passing by in the city of Qingdao, so that yoga can enter thousands of households and become a way of life for everyone.(By Fanying )

Orignal Chinese Source : Qingao Pictorial 

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