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The Mayor Takes Command of Hilltop Park Improvement in Qingdao!

Sep 01, 2021Byiqingdao

On August 30, the first meeting of Qingdao Hilltop Park Improvement Leading Group 2021 was held to summarize the previous phase of hilltop park improvement work and arrange the next work tasks.

Qingdao’s unique urban landscape is that Mountain, sea and city are in one.

It is an inevitable requirement for city’s quality to protect the mountain and make good use of its resources by improving hilltop park, which is also an important project for the benefit of the people.

Districts and cities should adjust measures to local conditions that highlight the historical features, cultural features, thematic features to create unique mountain parks.

The key is to grasp the implementation.

The goal is clear: to use two years to focus on improving 60 hilltop parks in seven districts of Qingdao to provide a more comfortable and convenient park environment for the public.

One part deployment, nine parts implementation. To complete that goal, each district, city and department should work hard and overcome difficulties to put 'route map' and 'construction schedule' into practice.

Maximize the convenience, benefit and welfare of the people.

In the hilltop park improvement, it is necessary to adhere to the city's coordination and planning first, but also need to adhere to pursuing collaboration, participation and common interests.

Hilltop Park remediation to brainstorm, widely consult all sectors of society, the public's views and suggestions should be actively adopted to improve the sense of participation, satisfaction.

In the remediation, we should improve the functions of sports and fitness, cultural entertainment and public parking in the park, improve fine and precise management, and solve the problems of sloppy management, low standard and poor experience in the hilltop park.

People built city while city benefited people!

(By Fanying)

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