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Foreigners in Qingdao: Joshua Alan Bonick’s Life in Qingdao

Apr 16, 2021

When we first met Joshua Alan Bonick, he had slightly longer hair, a beard that stretched from his cheeks to his chin, and he wore a quick-drying sports top and a pair of sports shorts. There is no sense of distance, and he always can infect the surrounding people quickly with a strong affinity.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

Josh was born in Texas to a military family and grew up traveling with his father, who loved to visit different places and see different landscapes. He has climbed to the top of Krakatau volcano in Indonesia, and he is still impressed by the loud sound it made when it erupted. Philippines, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Italy, Hungary… Traveling around the world occupies a very important part of his life.

In 2017, Josh decided to come and live in China for a while. After reading a series of reports on Qingdao, Josh found it to be a very livable city and the natural environment was perfect for him to practice his favorite sport. In December 2017, Josh arrived in Qingdao alone to start his new life in Qingdao.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

Listening to music, reading literature, playing the saxophone, and playing various sports are all part of Josh's daily routine, but among his many hobbies, his favorite is playing football.

Football is very popular in the United States, but it is still a relatively niche sport in China. Josh, who loves football, wants to let more people know about the sport and share his personal experience in football to more people, so he came to Qingdao to work as a football consultant at  USA Football school in Qingdao. He believes that practicing football is very beneficial to the growth of children. It is helpful in many ways, including improving athletic ability, enhancing team awareness, building self-confidence, and developing good independence.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

Josh works as a football consultant, guiding students through the practice, as well as developing his own series of lessons to help students better understand and practice the sport.

Josh always communicates with the students in pure American English and keeps the energy to drive the students to practice. He sets up different levels of difficulty for the students to practice, even for the youngest children he will bend down and guide them very patiently. Josh's students range in age from 3 to 13 years old, and for different ages and different physical abilities, Josh will have a corresponding training method. So far, he has trained more than 60 students, and one of them won the first place in the first Shandong Youth USA Football Competition.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

In addition to his role as a football consultant every Friday-Sunday, Josh also works as a teacher in the International Division of Qingdao No.2 Middle School, guiding students through classic books from abroad. Josh is learning about the local culture while exporting his passion to others in Qingdao, and through his actions, he is inspiring others around him to experience life in a better way.

[Picture/ Qingdao Pictorial]

Josh, who has traveled to dozens of countries, now has plans to live in Qingdao for a long time. He likes the warmth of Qingdao people and the blue sea and clear sky here. We believe that his development in Qingdao will be better and better. (By Fanying)

Orignal Chinese Source : Qingao Pictorial

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